davodka • sama

"Sama" is used in addressing persons higher in rank than oneself
French rap artist Davodka approached us to work on a 2D animated music video for the track “Sama” of his new album “A juste titre”. The first idea was to create a visual exploration that tells Davodka’s journey as an artist, always fighting to move forward, overcoming the critics, his relationship to others artists and his hard earned successes. We immediately fell for the idea to bring a dystopian world to life, bathing in a retro-futuristic style, referencing and celebrating the Japan's eclectic and beautiful culture.
first concepts
character design
Music video for Davodka
Composer : Misere Records
Production : Creepy Music
Directed & produced by : Volstok
Background & character designs : Paulynka Hricovini
Animation : Paulynka Hricovini & David Chambolle
Animation & background assistants : Karolien Raeymaekers - Wouter Sel - Sybil Casaert - Christina Candelaria - Laura Ibanez Lopez - Xantippe Van Sompel - Evelyn Entwistle - Lisa Foster
Compositing : Soren Selleslagh & Paulynka Hricovini
Year : 2019