Paula Hricovini, aka Paulynka from her Slovak origin, grew up in France & moved in Brussels to study animation at La Cambre. After graduating she naturally jumped in the freelance life as an animator and artistic director, developing her practice and knowledge through various creative projects across Europe. In 2015 she co-founded the creative collective Framekit Studio, with fellow animator Anthony Sarrus. They worked together on many projects for nearly 3 years. She then continued her career at Volstok, an animation studio based in Ghent.
Today, she is back in the freelance world, devoted to develop her style, work on more personal projects and is always seeking for new challenging, bold and meaningful projects. She's also now a disciple of the mighty Jean-Roule, surrounded by amazing talented animators, illustrators, graphic designers and a daily dose of rubbish jokes. All together they form the Château L'enroule.

• Château l’Enroule •
Atelier des Tanneurs
Rue des Tanneurs 60A
1000 Bruxelles
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