For the launch of his new album Creatures, the french electronic music artist Rone came to Digizik with the idea to create a teaser and a music video fully animated.
Teaming up with the illustrator Liliwood, who designed the album jacket, we came up with this strange yet dreamlike world in which Rone finds himself immersed. On his journey he encounters numerous little & giants creatures.
concepts & backgrounds​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
animatic to the final animation
The animatic is the process of placing all the storyboard frames on a timeline, synchronised on the music rhythm.
final jacket illustration
Made by Liliwood
Music video for Rone
Music Label : Infiné
Based on Liliwood illustrations

Direction & animation : Paulynka Hricovini
Produced by : Digizik
Year : 2015