Hollard Change Makers

Concept & approach

For the Hollard's Change Makers campaign, VMLY&R agency was looking to bring to life the spirit of selflessness through the creation of three giants. 
An inspiring and creative collaboration where I was asked to breathe life to these three characters.
Each giant represents a different approach to having a positive affect on the community. Wether it's recycling, starting a community garden or taking part in on-the-ground initiatives, our giants aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in order to create lasting and positive change.
Who are our three giants ?
Let's find out through the process.

Animation & Billboard campaign​​​​​​​
Client : Hollard
Agency : VMLY&R
Director / Chief creative officer : Ryan McManus
Creative director : Ana Rocha
Head of production : Wendy Machanik
Title lettering : Luke Ritchie
Illustration : Paulynka Hricovini
Animation & Post production : Masters & Savant
Year : 2021-2022