a revolution underway
Andro-switch is a natural, non-invasive, hormone-free method of male contraception.
Created for man by a men. Maxime Labrit is the designer & developer of Andro-switch and researcher in so-called male contraception.

Together with Quentin Juste, they created Culturêvesa publishing house to launch their new Podcast called The Big Dick Theory 
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ghost ring
Ghost Ring is the name of the andro-switch users application. It allows ring wearers to follow their cycle and improve their practice.
ring com'unity
Ring Com'Unity is the name of the online community of the ring bearers.
This community allows users to exchange questions & advice on the use of the andro-switch
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the big dick theory
The Big Dick Theory is a podcast set on the masculinities' deconstruction. Stay tuned, it will be launched very soon
Culturêves is a committed publishing house, created to cultivate the dream of a new world through publishing and
sound-creation. It will soon launch the Big Dick Theory podcast